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Our mascot - Peanut the Cat

Meet our mascot, Peanut the Cat! We originally found Peanut when she was a stray cat outside, and now she lives with us! Her favorite activities include eating, sleeping, belly rubs, meowing, and also taking care of her newborn baby kittens! Peanut is a very independent cat but she also loves being affectionate and rubbed daily.

Peanuts Baby Kittens!

OMG! Peanut recently gave birth to 4 precious adorable baby kittens! From left to right, their names are: Squealy, Panda, Simba, & Penguin! Squealy is very loud and squealy and she loves her mommy. Panda is more quiet, but very affectionate and loving. Penguin is also very loving and snuggles all the kittens. Simba is the most brave and noble of all the kittens, and protects her ally kittens. Every bit of support you give to EZ Product Finder goes towards taking care of these precious baby kittens!

Simba the Kitten

Simba is a brave and noble kitten, his duties are to protect his baby kitten sisters, because Simba is the only male of the litter. Simba is already developing a very masculine fur line, and he is surely destined to become the leader of the pack.

Squealy the Kitten

Squealy is the most cowardly of the kittens, but she is also the cutest. She is very timid and gets scared easily, fortunately her brother Simbda protects her and keeps her safe. Squealy only wants her mommy, and if a stranger tries to pick her up, she will squeal very loud, until mommy finds her. When mommy comes to clean her kittens, Squealy is the first to show her excitement with a loud (but happy) squeal.

Penguin the Kitten

Penguin got her name because she looks like a Penguin, she has a black colored back with a white belly in the front. Penguin is very cute and loving and she is the glue that helps stick all the kittens together as one big happy kitten family. Penguin is also very brave like her brother Simba, and looks similar to Simba too!

Panda the Kitten

Panda looks like a panda, she has cute spots around her body that are the same color as her mommy Peanut. Panda is very loving and affectionate, she is always huddled between the other kittens giving them lots of love and affection. Panda is very relaxed and enjoys sleeping all day!

Peanut loves her kittens

Peanut is a very happy mommy and she loves her baby kittens very much. Peanut spends a very large portion of the day giving delicious mommy milk to her kittens. She takes small breaks inbetween to eat and revitalize, because being a kitten mommy is a very full time job!

Peanut loves her cat food

Peanut is a very hungry cat. Whenever she is hungry, she will make very cute meow noises. Peanut is very demanding when her kitty feast is on the line, she will not tolerate disobedient humans who do not feed her plenty of delicious cat food. Peanut always clears her plate, and her appetite is never truly satisfied!

Happy Mommy Peanut

Peanut loves her kittens soooooo much! She makes sure to give her baby kittens lots of milky milk every day and she is always close by to keep her kittens extra safe!

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